Server Setup Guide

Step One

So, lets start by assuming you've invited the bot to the server. The first thing you probably want to do is set up the permissions, to control what due can see and what it can't. You can always deny it read perms wherever you don't want it to respond to commands, BUT THEN YOU CAN'T GET QUESTS IN THAT CHANNEL. If it's an active chatting channel, your best bet is probably to let it read messages, but not send anything, so that way members can't get quests. Alternatively, you can run the !shutupdue command, which disables quest notifications, and if you do !shutupdue all, it won't respond to commands from non-server-admins either.

To disable quest alerts everywhere in the server, do !shutupdue everywhere. To disable alerts/commands everywhere in the server, do !shutupdue all everywhere. To undo this, do !unshutupdue everywhere.

Step Two

Now that you've set up permissions, it's probably time to create some quests, shields, and weapons for your server members to use. If you're lazy, you can run the !setup command, which will automatically create some extra, non-default quests and weapons with various stats for you to experiment on. Server admins, or people with the Due Commander role, can also create custom quests, shields, and weapons using !createquest, !createshield, and/or !createweapon. The syntax for those commands is long, so you can view their syntax with !help createquest, !help createshield, and/or !help createweapon . If you can't think of any ideas for names/hit messages, or find the help pages confusing, you can use the Lets Create! feature on this website! (Lets Create! coming soon)

Step Three

By this point you're pretty much done. However, there are still a few things you can do to improve user experience. One of the big things you can do is to use !whitelist or !blacklist to restrict certain commands to a channel. Whitelisting a command will allow only that command to be used in the channel, and whitelisting 2+ commands does the same thing, but only allows those 2+ commands. Blacklisting a command will prevent normal users from using that command in the channel. Another thing you can do is to use !setuproles. If the roles haven't been automatically created when the bot joined, or if they've been edited/deleted after, running this command will create the Due Commander and Due Optout roles. Due Optout will prevent a user from using commands and being used in a command, and will be assigned if a user uses the !optouthere command.

Step Four

Now it's time to cover weapon maintenance. If users request a new weapon, or you just feel bored and want to add more, you have three helpful commands to use to create a good weapon. !pricetest <damage> <accuracy>​ is probably going to be your most useful command, followed by ​!damagetest <price> <accuracy>, and lastly, !accuracytest <price> <damage>. Pricetest will tell you exactly how much a weapon with the given damage and accuracy would cost, which is useful for making sure a weapon is under your limit before you make it. Because the best accuracy for quest weapons is 86%, damagetest can tell you the highest damage you can make for a weapon under your limit. Simply input your limit into the price, and 86 into accuracy, and it tells you exactly how much damage your best weapon would need! Accuracytest is probably the least used one of the three, but that doesn't mean it's bad! If you're looking for a specific damage weapon, like 6969 damage, and you want it to have the highest accuracy it can while being under your limit, you can input your limit for the price, and 6969 for the damage, and it'll tell you the exact accuracy you need!

Step Five

Lastly, though this is not required, you can also make shields. Shields reduce damage taken in a quest by a factor of the defense stat, but are only activated on certain chances. For example, if you have a shield with a defense of 5, and a 50% activation chance, then when you get hit with a weapon doing 20 damage, you have a 50% chance to take 20 damage, and a 50% chance to take (20 / 5) = 4 damage. If you want to know how much a shield with a certain defense and activation chance would cost, you can use !shieldpricetest, or !spt. Simply enter the defense you want and then the activation chance after the command, and it'll tell you exactly how much it would cost as an actual shield. Eventually, there will be a !shielddefensetest and a !shieldactivationtest command, but shields are still pretty new :(