Frequently Asked Questions

What does "!!! You can't afford the risk!" mean? - This means you don't have half of the quest reward in cash. You always must have at least half the reward of the quest in cash, as if you lose the quest, you'll lose that much DUT. - To fix this, try using !daily, as that will give you some cash.

I'm only getting +0.01 stats! Help, I can't level up like this! - If you're getting only +0.01 stats, it means you're using too strong of a weapon, or the quest is far too weak for you. You can't use overpowered weapons on weak quests, otherwise this would be too easy ;) - To fix this, have a server admin edit the quest to make it weaker, or use a cheaper weapon.

I'm not getting quests! - If this happens, then Due either can't read the channel you've been talking in, which means it doesn't know you've been talking, or you haven't had good luck with quest spawning. Usually it takes up to 15 minutes to spawn a quest, but it can take longer. You can use !questcheck to check how long you have until you have to send a message for a chance of a quest.

What does "!wish" do? - In the original bot, it increased the chance of you getting a quest by ​a 10-millionth of a percent. However, in this bot, it increases the chance for a quest by .25%.

Why does the bot keep reacting to my commands with a question mark? - It means you used the wrong syntax for the command. Use !help <command name>, and the vast majority of commands will display a help page with the proper syntax.