Commands From The Original Due:

New Commands:



Unequips your current equipped shield.

!shieldequip/!seq <shield name>

Equips a shield in your inventory, allowing it to take effect in the battle.


Shows the shields you own.

!shieldpricetest/!spt <defense> <defend chance>

Tells you what the price would be for a shield with a certain defense and defend chance.

!createshield <defense> <defend chance> <optional: see the help command>

Creates a shield for the shop. You can also set an icon, and an image.

!editshield <shield name> <"icon" or "image">

Changes the icon or image for a shield.

!removeshield <name>

Removes a shield from the shop.


Removes all shields from the shop.


!learn <cnf>

Prevents you from gaining quests for 36 hours times your education tier, but gives you one extra education tier, allowing you to get a new job and increasing the rewards you get from toiling.


Shows you how much time you have left while learning.


Lists all the jobs you're able to get and all the existing jobs, with alternating bold words for formatting

!joinjob <job name>

Lets you join a job, which then allows you to toil. However, such power does not come without responsibility. If you have a job, you have to use !filetaxes at least once every 24 hours, or else you'll get added to the toilraid list, which allows people to rob you for your unclaimed rewards. If you don't file taxes for 48 hours, you will be fined DUT. The amount of DUT you're fined is (your level times the seconds you've been gone) divided by 10.


Can be used at any time you want, however you only need to do it every 24 hours at least. You'll have to pay some DUT when you file, however you'd lose a lot more DUT if you didn't file, so it's always a good idea to file whenever you can.


This command makes you leave all your jobs. It takes a bit of DUT, but if you're bored with paying taxes, it'll stop you from having to remember to pay taxes.

!toil <reward type> <optional: job to toil with>

​Toil rewards accumulate every second, and things such as job level, your education, and what job you have all affect how fast you accumulate rewards. You can use !jobstats <job name> to view what the rewards you'd get for your job would be if you toiled now. You can toil for DUP, DUT, Attack, Strenght, Accuracy, and Job Level.

!jobstats <job name>

​Shows what rewards you could get if you toiled now with the specified job.

!toilraid <optional: player>

If you don't include a player, it shows you all the players you can rob . However, if you include a player, the bot will make you toilraid the person, and you'll either win and get a percent of their unclaimed rewards, or you'll lose and get nothing.


!jointeam <team name>

Lets you join a team, which will let you earn teamcash, buy stuff with it, and represent your team on topdog. You can view every team with !allteams.

!allteams <optional: page number>

Lists all the currently existing teams that you can join.

!createteam <name> <optional: minimum level>

Costs 100 teamcash, and makes a new team with you as owner. The minimum level is the level that a new member has to be to join.

!editteam <team name> <"level", "description", "homeserver">

Lets you change the team's minimum level, the description that shows in !allteams, and/or the team's home server.

!promote <user>

Increases the user's rank by one position, so either from member to elder, or elder to co-leader. This can only be used by team owners for now.

!demote <user>

Decreases the user's rank by one position, so either from elder to member, or co-leader to elder. This can only be used by team owners for now.


Makes you leave your team.


Makes an invite to your team's home server, assuming the bot has invite creation perms there.

!deleteteam <cnf>

Deletes your team PERMANENTLY.


Shows your teamcash balance.

!teamshop <page/item name>

Shows you information on items purchasable with teamcash. You can write a page number to see the 5 items on that page, or the exact item name to see more detail on that item.

!teambuy <item number> <optional: quantity>

Lets you buy a certain number of a teamcash upgrade. View the item numbers with !teamshop.



This allows you to view your current number of dummies.

!buydummy <number of dummies>

Each dummy you buy costs 50,000 DUT, but can give big bonuses to things like limit and hp/defense the more you use them.

!usedummy <dummy type>

You can choose to set dummy type to either atk, strg, accy, limit, defense, or hp. Most people start out with doing the limit dummies and hp dummies.

!senddummy <@user> <number of dummies>

​This allows you to send dummies to other people​. The limit of dummies you can send is the receiver's distance up in levels from 5, divided by 10, rounded up. For example, if I'm level 4, I can't recieve dummies, but if I'm level 6, I can receive one. At level 16, I can receive 2, 26 allows me to receive 3, and so on.

!upgradeweapon/!uw <weapon name> <multiplier>

​Allows you to try to upgrade your weapon above your limit. The higher the multiplier is, the lower the chance of success is. Each weapon can attempt to be upgraded up to 6 times. (MISC COMMAND)



Tells you how many prestige coins you'll gain from prestiging, and what the bonus will be to max quest stats and exp if you prestiged.


Tells you how many prestige coins you currently have, and what your current bonus to max quest stats and exp is.

!prestige <cnf>

Without cnf, prestige asks you to write cnf to confirm you're prestiging. You must be at least level 80 to prestige.

!prestigeshop <number or item name>

When used with a number, it shows you pages of items with their names and a brief description. When used with an item name, it must be the exact name of the item, but it gives a longer and more detailed description.

!prestigebuy <item number> <number of items>

The item number of the item you want to buy can be found in the prestigeshop right before the number name, and the number of items is just how many you want to purchase, so you dont have to spam the command 10 times if you want 10 of the item.

!fuseweapons/!fw <weapon 1> <weapon 2> <new name> <teamcash sacrificed> <new accuracy> <hit message>

Sacrifices teamcash to create a new weapon. The new weapon will have most of the details of weapon 1, but with 75%-125% of the total damage. The more teamcash you sacrifice, the higher the % of total damage will be, and it increases up to a max of 90%-140%. (MISC COMMAND)


!pricetest <damage> <accuracy>

Tells you what the price of a weapon would be with the specified damage and accuracy.

!damagetest <price> <accuracy>

Tells you what the damage of a weapon would be with the specified price and accuracy.

!accuracytest <price> <damage>

Tells you what the accuracy of a weapon would be with the specified price and damage.


DMs you a summary of the latest update. Sometimes the dev may forget to change this command for new updates, so it's usually best to go to the support server and view the #update-log channel there.

!autotimer <number of timers>

Makes the bot automatically DM you every 5 minutes when you have a chance for a quest.


​Tells you how long until your quest day resets, and how long until you have a chance for a quest again.


Tells you exactly how much money you'll get from a quest if you beat it, and gives an approximate win chance, along with an approximate amount of stats you'll get. You can increase the accuracy with upgrades in the teamshop.


If you have over 5 quests, this automatically accepts all of them. It tells you the results of every 5th quest.

!sendquest <quest number to sacrifice>

<name> <@user> <level>

Sends a quest with the specified name and level to the user, but sacrifices a quest of your own.