So, by now you probably have heard many references to "the original DueUtil", or "clones". If you don't know the backstory or are wondering what this means, read the next few sentences. Otherwise, scroll down to Current Info.

So basically, Theelgirl's DueUtil isn't the original DueUtil bot. The original DueUtil was owned by a user by the name of MacDue. They coded much of the base code (the code allowing the bot to start and accept commands) themself, and all the current clones are either an exact copy of his code, or a copy that a lot has been added to. MacDue hosted Due for about 6 months if I remember correctly, during which time the bot exploded in the number of users and servers, eventually reaching over 13,000 servers, and 600,000 people. When you have a bot this big though, you can't just host it on your home computer. The bot uses a lot of computational resources and memory, enough that you have to pay for a virtual private server provider to host it for you. Eventually, in late December 2017, the bot got big enough that MacDue couldn't afford to pay for the hosting anymore, and they had to shut the bot down.

When it was shut down, all the code for the bot at the time was released on Github, and people started making clones, with the same code, but starting again with a new bot account, and 0 servers. DueUtil 2.0 was released within a week or so after the original DueUtil shut down, by a user named Sjustein. However, it grew so fast that Sjustein too had to shut it down as they couldn't afford to keep it running. This was in May 2018. For a while, Sjustein continued to host a private version of the bot for big servers, until early August 2018. Then, a user named Mortal made his own clone, called Mortal's DueUtil. This clone lasted about 6 weeks, because somehow the server's IP address was leaked, and there was a DDoS attack on the server and it wouldn't boot up. That's where Theelgirl's DueUtil came in.

Theelgirl's DueUtil was released on October 3rd, 2018, and started racking up servers quickly, but stagnated in growth from February 2019 to July 2019. Then, some update made the bot much easier to use, and people started inviting the bot much more. The bot is gaining about 10-15 servers per day as of late October 2019. This was the first clone to make substantial modifications to the base code, with DueUtil 3.0 (more on that later) starting modifications soon after. Now, Theelgirl's DueUtil has about twice as many lines of code as the original Due, and many more features, such as teams, prestiging, dummies, and shields.

DueUtil 3.0

There is also one other main branch, the 3.0 branch. The 3.0 branch came directly from DueUtil 2.0, like Mortal's DueUtil, using the database of DueUtil 2.0. DueUtil 3.0 was originally named "DeveloperAnonymous Vs. DueUtil", with DeveloperAnonymous as the owner. This DueUtil got decently big, to over 700 servers, but someone named York managed to get access to the bot, and did something to change the bots PFP and name afterwards the bot became the testing bot. After that, DueUtil 3.0 was made, as a separate bot account, meaning it had to start from no users again. This was around July 2018. That bot got renamed "DueUtil 3.0" after it became the first clone since DueUtil 2.0 to reach 1000 servers, in an attempt to make it the more "official" Due clone (MacDue has never specified an official Due clone). DueUtil 3.0 started out growing rapidly, but cooled down after a while, and had hit 2000 servers by early June 2019. Going back in time a bit, a user by the name of Lai Topez used dueeval commands to make a root account on DueUtil's VPS in November 2018, and made 3.0 leave over 800 of its 1000 servers. Most of the servers were eventually regained after Lai Topez had been locked out. Later on, as DueUtil 3.0 started gaining servers quickly again, Lai tried to gain access to DueUtil 3.0's code again, but was unable to, and for a brief period of time, they used a lot of alts (which later got banned by discord along with Lai's main account) to repeatedly spam commands and crash the bot. DueUtil 3.0 also is updated actively, like Theelgirl's DueUtil. DueUtil 3.0 has added a team and prestige system, a bunch of smaller commands, and has fixed a lot of bugs in the original Due.

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Written by Theelgirl#4980 originally for just Theelgirl's DueUtil, but since 3.0's section was added, this has been expanded to include 3.0 and the family tree. This was written from a Theelgirl's Dueutil-centric point of view, but it will eventually be edited so it takes a third-person view of both bots.